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Trade Marks:
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  • "Distressed Stock" means either stock priced under the latest known valuation, a developer's "fire sale" stock, or clearance stock from motivated sellers.

Confidentiality Undertaking
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Users of this site must not:
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Privacy Policy

  • In the course of our activities we collect and hold personal information for the purposes of providing you with the real estate services, managing our relationship with you and contacting you about products and services in which you may be interested.

  • We will only collect personal information from you that is necessary for one or more of our functions and activities. We will only collect personal information from you by lawful and fair means, without being unreasonably intrusive, such as when you complete a membership document, Contract request page, or questionnaire etc.

  • At or before the time we collect personal information from you we will take reasonable steps to inform you why we are collecting that personal information, who else we might disclose that personal information to and what will happen if you do not provide personal information to us. Wherever it is lawful and practicable, we will give you the option of not identifying yourself or not providing personal information when entering transactions with us. However, failure to provide full and complete information we request may mean that we are unable to provide services to you fully and properly.

  • Once we hold personal information we will take reasonable steps to keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date.

  • Your personal information that you provide will be kept confidential to SOP or its related referral groups.

  • If you have a complaint about the service that you have received, the following steps or avenues for resolution are available to you. Contact SOP via telephone and/or in writing, and inform them of your concern. If the concern relates to SOP in any way, SOP will endeavour to resolve the concern within 10 working days. If the concern is not satisfactorily resolved within 10 working days, please write to:

    Client Relations
    Sold on Property Pty Ltd
    PO Box 3550
    Loganholme QLD 4129

  • We will protect personal information from misuse and loss, and destroy or permanently de-identify personal information we no longer need. In the case of client files, these will be destroyed 8 years after the last client contact.

  • When you visit our website, details may be recorded about your visit, such as time and date, your server address, pages accessed, time spent and type of browser. This information is used in an anonymous form for statistical purposes and as such cannot identify you individually.